Into the Key

Episode 1: Tea Club Party (Act 1)

Tea Club Party - Act 1

Into the Key – Hel’s Angels

Season 1 – Episode 01: Tea Party Club

In this episode Vivienne gets a pep talk from her teacher, a smoke from another teacher, Julie shows her nice new tattoo and the students start a therapy consisting mostly in banishing demons to another world.

Another normal day at the Academy!

Act 1

The school corridors are crowded with students. They seem to be in a rush to get to their lockers, change their books and get a slice of freedom between classes.
Conversational voices fill the air. Some of you can hear some talk about the student who killed him or herself (there are versions of that story being told that include both genders) at Doggie head.

The other subjects were the usual “How Aspen was” or “I can’t believe I’m going to take another flight to China just because mom wants to spend the Chinese New Year week with her folks” and the usual “Who is playing this Friday and where is the next party?”

Eva attempts to navigate the hallways without getting jostled about too much, failing dismally as always.

Hel makes her way to Eva, and helps her up.

Eva: “Oh, thank you Hel.”
Hel: “No big.”
Hel heads back to her locker.

Mrs Gorki navigates her way through the students heading towards Vivienne’s locker.
Vivienne is half listening to her “friends” prattling on when she notices Mrs Gorki heading towards her and curses under her breath.

Mrs Gorki: “Miss Kensington, can we have a word?”
Vivienne: “Of course.”
Vivienne gives her a falsely bright smile and moves out of earshot of her friends.
Mrs Gorki: “Good Morning Vivienne. Do you mind come with me to my office?”
Vivienne: “Of course not.”

Mrs Gorki starts to walk to her office which is located in the corridor that connects the Mensa, Ars and Spiritus Wings (respectively the labs and science related classrooms, the Art, AV Club studio, theater, study halls and libraries and finally the wing where the most common classes are taken). She opens the door and it reveals a small office with some motivational posters on the wall and some piles of University pamphlets from both in and outside of the USA

Mrs Gorki: “Take a seat” – she says sitting at her chair

Vivienne sits down and stares at the teacher expectantly

Mrs Gorki: “Well Vivienne I suspect that you don’t know why you’re here, right?”
Vivienne: “Because you’re the fashion police?”

Mrs Gorki smiles

Mrs Gorki: “Only 80’s fashion, and that is not the case. I called you here because I am worried about you”

Vivienne raises her eyebrows disbelievingly.

Mrs Gorki: “Last year you were one of the best candidates to enroll for any university in the world. You had good grades, you were president of the Spanish Club, president of the Prom committee, Vice President of the Young Republicans and a part of the Purity League. Then suddenly your grades went from a B average to a C-, you dropped every club and started to associate with people who are more known for their bad behavior
So Vivienne, what happened?”

Vivienne pretends to consider for a moment

Vivienne: “I got tired of lying?”
Mrs Gorki: “Interesting point. Well, I checked your actual activities sheet and I noticed that you aren’t a part of any extra-curricular activity or club. So I took it to Ms Parker. And you know how she is…”
Vivienne: “Being part of a club isn’t actually a requirement.”
Mrs Gorki: “No, but you have a small number of arts related credits to fill. And Miss Parker proposed to include you in a special program. That would show to our sponsors and your family, despite your changes you are the same person you were, but not lying to yourself or anyone else.”

Vivienne blinks at her

Vivienne: “And exactly what kind of “special program” would that be?”
Mrs Gorki: “You and a small group of students, all of them full of potential like you, but misunderstood in several aspects”
Vivienne: “The point of which being?”
Mrs Gorki: “Good minds needing a place to outshine all the others. People we are sure are going to be the best in whatever they want to achieve.”
Vivienne: “Look, I may not be the brightest person here but I don’t need Special Ed.”
Mrs Gorki: “It is not Special Ed, it is just a place for you to express yourself. And Mr Russell is the one who will focus your creative energies to somewhere more productive.
Give it a chance Vivienne, if you don’t like it after the first month you can give up.”
Vivienne: “Actually I’m pretty sure he’s gay so that would be a wasted focus.”

Mrs Gorki looks surprised.

Mrs Gorki: “You were the last person I thought which would judge anyone… But I understand you can’t change a leopard’s spots.”
Vivienne: “No judgment, I’m just saying that I don’t think hitting on him is going to get me anywhere. I don’t think I’m his type. Plus the whole teacher/student thing is generally frowned upon. And really as the school councilor, it is very irresponsible for you to recommend it.”
Mrs Gorki: “Anyway, Miss Kensington, I suggest you give this activity a chance. Depending how successful it is I can guarantee some degree of flexibility about some things. And no, I am not suggesting anything like that. Mister Russell is quite popular and avant-garde, something several students here appreciate.”
Vivienne: “Flexibility in what things exactly?”
Mrs Gorki: “Class presence, for example… Some aspects of the schools dress code.”

Mrs Gorki draws a school tie, then a red x over it.

Vivienne rolls her eyes

Vivienne: “Fine. What does this "program” involve exactly?”
Mrs Gorki: “Art production, Mr. Russell will work on your artistic expressions and guide you to create that which is caged inside your mind. It doesn’t matter what it is or how it is going to be made.”
Vivienne: “Really? You do realize that I have no artistic talent, right?”
Mrs Gorki: “Have you seen your face and how you customized your uniform?”
Vivienne: “That’s style, not art.”
Mrs Gorki: “Let me say something that Andy Warhol said “Dressing up and being you sometimes is more artistic than a Picasso painting.””
Vivienne: “Yes but it’s much harder to hand it in to be marked.”
Mrs Gorki: “Just give it a chance. The first meeting is today. I think it is going to be brief.”
Vivienne: “Fine. What time?”
Mrs Gorki: “Just after class.”

The bell rings.

Vivienne: “After school?”

Mrs Gorki nods.

Mrs Gorki: “Yes. This way we can give you access to all of the school’s resources.”
Vivienne: “Great. Creative detention. I’m sure it will fix everything. Thank you for your wonderful advice.”

Vivienne says sarcastically, picking up her bag and heading for the door.

The classes before lunch were slow and boring as hell. And the physics lab class before lunchtime was really boring. But for Hel it is the first time she has realized how that crap works… More likely because she noticed a few times she felt heavier at the moment she falls onto a car when she misses a jump between two buildings (because jumping over fences is for noobs).

Hel rubs the bruise on her arm, and thinks about how gravity sometimes really sucks and then feels an odd sensation, like something really bad was about to happen.

Noburu and Eva on the other hand know exactly what is about to happen. One from life experience, the other through scientific experimentation. Suddenly both Noburu and Hel feel something strange. Hel feels like there is s build-up of static electricity, but Noburu notices something different, like there was a storm spirit trying to permeate something or someone.

Noburu looks around the room for something out of the ordinary.

Julie feels uneasy and suddenly drops her head to the table.

Hel runs over to Julie and checks on her.

Julie is cold and her skin feels like a hard rain had hit her.
Hel: “Yo, Someone get the nurse!”

Noburu is too close and he is temporarily deafened by the loud thunder like sound that fills the air. Both Hel and Eva are used to loud sounds, so it doesn’t bother them.

Eva jumps, startled by the sudden loud sound.

Noburu grabs his ears and looks for some rubber or something to ground.

Julie starts to raise her head and suddenly her face is altered, like she was another person, completely different.

Hel pulls her hands away from Julie.

Noburu: Tawagoto!
Julie, in Japanese: Behold Mortals! The Sun is about to die and a new shall rise!
Ending the domain of the earth and bringing the domain of the heavens!
Making the lands be taken by the clouds and oceans become a mirror from the skies
And the night never will come again!

The teacher is speechless, stuck in a corner of the classroom. Several students are recording the possession with their cell phones and tablets.

Eva shakes her head and continues with her experiment clearly not having time for this obvious attention seeking.

Hel: “I so don’t understand a word you are saying but if you were going for creepy, you succeeded.”

Noburu grimaces in pain.

Julie, in Japanese: You were warned mortals, the new sun will bring the skies and the forever spring upon the world.
Noburu, in Japanese: Release the child and be gone!

Hel gives Noburo a questioning look.
Julie faints and her skin get warmer again
Noburu rushes to Julie to check on her, his ears still ringing
Julie’s body temperature is cold but getting warmer and her expression returns to normal.
Hel stays back away and lets Noburu help Julie. She furrows her brow at Noburu.

Julie: I..I…am okay. I just skipped breakfast
Noburu: You should probably go see the nurse.
Teacher: Noburu, Helena, would you mind taking Miss Li to the nurse?

Noburu helps Julie up while looking concerned

Julie: I…Iam okay. I am fine…
Noburu: My pleasure. I may need to see the nurse for my ears anyways.

Hel offers Julie her shoulder to lean on.

Hel and Noburu take Julie to the Nurse’s office, a very nice, clean room.

Nurse: Good morning, let me guess, an experiment from the physics lab got out of control again I suppose?

The nurse is a mid age woman about 50 kilos (100 pounds) overweight

Noburu strains himself to hear the nurse.

Noburu: I think so. Faulty equipment or something.

Noburu sits down after he helps Julie to her seat. Looking at Hel with the OMG look.

Nurse: I see, all of that high tech equipment has a tendency to get out of control.

The nurse checks Noburu ears with care.

Nurse: It is nothing. You just got too close to the equipment, but there doesn’t appear to be any permanent damage.

Hel leans against the wall, but doesn’t say anything. The nurse turns to Julie.

Nurse: And you Julie, you skipped your breakfast?

Julie nods

Julie: Yes, I just skipped it. My cell phone clock is still in synch with Macao’s time zone.

Nurse: I see… I hope today you change it back to Pacific time again Julie… I am going to recommend you visit the school counselor because this is the first time that this has happened after the winter break, but this happened several times before then.

Hel raises her eyebrows. She didn’t know this about Julie.

Hel notices outside the nurse’s office another person. Miss Gorki and she is holding a tablet close to her.

Noburu Commits all he saw to memory.

Mrs Gorki: Good morning Mrs. Sargent. Helena and Noburu, are you free for a moment?

Hel looks at Noburu, before heading over to Mrs Gorki.

Noburu quickly looks at Julie looking for any odd markings, writing or images on her and then heads to Mrs. Gorki. He notices a very old kanji henna tattoo on the back of her neck is written, “Storm daughter”. He memorizes the old Kanji for research with his books later and bows slightly, as old habits die hard.

Hel smirks when he bows.

Mrs Gorki: “Noburu, Helena, shall we?”
Noburu: “Whats up?”
Mrs Gorki: “I want to talk with you two about an art-oriented program that the school is starting. It is a way for you to earn some extra activities credits for your future life at a prestigious university. And in your case Helena, a way to improve your grade average and nott give your parents any chance to become too… picky about your life in your band.”
Hel: “When and where?”
Mrs Gorki: “After school today, at the schools main atelier. You will have a chance to have a full artistic experience with him, ranging from the primitive arts to video art and computer animation. Whichever is the best way for you to express yourself.”
Hel: “Aha, do I gotta do any assignments? Or is it just a show-up kinda deal?”
Mrs Gorki: “That is between you and him.”
Hel: “Me and who?”
Mrs Gorki: “Mister Bertrand Russell the Arts teacher. British, tall, very distinctive.”

Noburu curses in Japanese under his breath.

Hel sighs then nods.

Noburu: “Well, at least I get to hang out with you Hel.”
Mrs Gorki: “Please, give him a chance. I am only asking you to attend four meetings.”

Hel gives Noburu a weird look.

Noburu smiles.

Hel turns back to Gorki.

Hel: “So can I go? Are we done?”
Mrs Gorki: “Sure, but I would suggest you go straight to the lunchroom, the bell will ring in 20 minutes anyway.”

Hel leaves.

Noburu turns and heads toward the lunch room.

The rest of the classes were as normal as possible and the last class bell rings.

Eva sighs and starts looking for the art classrooms.

Benedict goes outside his building, smoking a couple of fags while he has a break.

Vivienne goes outside the school to have a smoke before heading in.

Benedict: “Shouldn’t smoke love. Probably bad for you.”

Benedict gives her a light.

Vivienne: “Aren’t most fun things?”

Benedict shrugs.

Benedict: “Probably.”

Vivienne accepts the light with a smile

Julie is around too. She is holding her backpack and a novel in her hand.

Benedict looks at the Asiatic girl.

Julie is checking the skies with a worried face

Benedict: “Loads of them in this highschool?”

Benedict asks, pointing at the girl.

Vivienne: What party girls?

Benedict shrugs.

Benedict: “Yeah whatever you call them.”

Eva finally capitulates and pulls the school map out of her bag and checks where the art rooms are.

Benedict finishes his cigarette and crushes the butt on the ground.

Vivienne rolls her eyes

Julie: “Excuse me, Mr. Russell, Mrs. Gorki asked me come.”

Benedict raises a brow.

Benedict: “What is it, love?”

Noburu walks past Julie, keeping an eye on her, and enters the room.

Eva arrives at the designated classroom and notices the lack of a teacher, so she sits down and pulls out one of her notebooks and continues working.

Hel begrudgingly makes her way to the atelier while trying to come up with ways to plot an early escape.

Julie stares at Benedict once again before she heads into the classroom, figuring that what she would say doesn’t matter.

Vivienne: “Feeling confident sir?”

Vivienne says with a smile following him

Benedict shrugs, looking at the girl. He then heads back towards the art building.

Benedict: “Does it matter?”

Vivienne starts laughing.

Benedict walks inside the building and sits on his desk. He then looks at all the students gathered here.

Noburu takes a seat at the back of the room

Hel takes a seat on her own away from everyone else.

Julie sits close to Hel

Benedict: “Hello guys. Guess you’re probably wondering what you’re doing here. Well so am I.”

Vivienne takes a seat at the front but away from Eva.

Benedict doesn’t smile much, no way to know if it’s a joke.

Vivienne: “None of us had a choice?”

Hel smirks

Julie: “I was bribed into coming.”

Eva looks entirely confused.

Benedict: “Well I did. And that’s because I think what we can do something good together.”

Vivienne looks around the room and pulls a face of obvious distaste.

Benedict: “You may think that this is a punishment, an ordeal you have to endure.”
Vivienne:* “Together?”

Noburu sighs and pulls an old book from his bag.

Julie: “You know some of us here don’t talk to each other, like the queen of darkness.”
Benedict: “Well let’s face it guys, if you don’t have a choice, why make those following sessions a living hell. At least we can try to enjoy ourselves. We all are different.”

Benedict looks at each of them.

Hel: “This better not turn into a scene from ‘the breakfast club’.”
Benedict: “Wouldn’t know, bird. Didn’t watch it.”
Julie: “It is more like a tea party from hell.”

Eva gives up, folds her arms on her desk in front of her and lays her head down on them.

Benedict: “Well here’s the deal. You’re here because somehow, somebody thought that you were doing something wrong, or at least not good for yourselves. I don’t really care what it is. At all. What we’re here for is what some people call therapy. Let’s face it, it’s not some magical thing that will make you better perople.”
Julie: “No, not therapy! It sucks and it doesn’t work!”

Julie looks nervous

Benedict: “If you’re thinking it will make you better, then yes it probably wouldn’t ‘work’.”
Vivienne: “Wait. Art therapy? SERIOUSLY???”
Benedict: “Seriously.”

Benedict smiles.

Eva starts and sits bolt upright at Vivienne’s outburst and then tries to relax herself a bit again.

Hel gives Julie a weird look and thinks ‘Dude she is mental’.

Benedict: “But I don’t like that word.”

Noburu keeps glancing at Julie and then returning to his book.

Benedict: "I will not try to make you “better”. I’m not even sure that’s possible."

Benedict gives a look to all the students.

Vivienne snorts.

Noburu chuckles quietly at the concept of someone trying to make him better.

Benedict: “What we’re doing here is trying to make you realize what you want, what you ‘are’ in a way. It all starts by knowing what’s under the surface. I’m not talking about some psychological bullshit here though.”

Hel thinks ‘I so don’t have time for this! I kinda have a world to save. Fuck, I know who I am!"

Eva raises her hand.

Vivienne: “I thought we were supposed to try to avoid bloodshed.”

Benedict looks at Eva.

Benedict: “What?”
Eva: “Um, s-so why am I h-here?”
Benedict: “Because you fail at the most basic things a person should be able to do. All of you.”
Eva: “Wh-what?”

Hel laughs aloud!

Eva starts getting a little hotter under the collar.

Hel: “Fuck you, man! You don’t know me!”
Eva: “Like what?”
Benedict: “And that’s creating links. Alone we’re nothing. We wouldn’t have any of this and probably would have died together, if we weren’t a group.”

Benedict looks at Hel, and basically ignores her.

Julie put her hand to her forehead again and everyone notices the temperature lowering and the humidity rising.

Hel gets a somber look on her face. She thinks about Jimmy.

Benedict raises his head.

Noburu: “Tawagoto!”

Eva covers her ears.

Suddenly the air fills with static electricity.

Hel stares at Julie

Noburu Covers his ears

Vivienne: “I already know about creating contacts and political maneuvers.”

Hel jumps from her seat

Julie: “Not again, not again, please don’t do that…”
Vivienne: “The hell…”

Hel shoots a look at Noburu.

The storm spirit takes Julie again her thin and frail body rising in the air as she opens her arms.

Hel: “What the hell is happening!?!”

Benedict frowns.

Hel looks at Noburu

Noburu holds the ‘one moment’ finger up.

Eva is yet again confused.

Eva: “Yep. I really need this in my life. This is precisely what my life has been missing. Can I go home now please? I’m all better, promise.”
Julie: “Behold Mortals, your age is to die. Bow before me and I shall let you live in the new age that shall come with the birth of the new sun!”
Eva: “Ok, seriously, can I please leave now?”

Benedict tries to understand what he is facing.

Hel: “I liked it better when you were doing the creepy foreign thing.”
Vivienne: “Yeah? If you’re so mighty why don’t you talk for yourself?”
Benedict: “Everybody calm down please.”

Benedict moves closer to Julie.

Hel looks at Benedict

Hel: “I wouldn’t get any closer. Maybe you should get the students out of here.”
Noburu: “Storm Spirits are nothing to mess with.”
Eva: “I like that thinking. I’ll start.”
Vivienne: “That thing is a storm spirit?”

Eva gets up and starts moving towards the door.

Hel: “Storm spirit?”
Noburu: “I believe so.”
Hel: “Is that like a demon? Wait, Viv, how do you know what a storm spirit is?”
Vivienne: “No idea but it’s ugly enough to be one. I don’t.”

Eva pauses mid-stride.

Benedict: “Okay, you go outside guys.”
Hel: “You too teach.”

Benedict tries to see if he can do something about that thing.

Hel takes up defensive posture, in front of Julie

Benedict: “I’m not kidding, that could get messy.”
Eva: “What are you people talking about? Spirits? Demons?!? Did you just arrive from the dark ages or something?!?”
Julie: “BOW NOW!”

Vivienne pulls a magic book out of her bag and starts flicking through it trying to find a spell to banish the spirit.

Noburu: “NO! Demon Begon!”
Hel: “That’s it everyone get OUT! I got this!”

Vivienne looks up to glare at Eva.

Eva looks confused, gives up and heads out the door.

Hel: “This is nothing. Probably bad sushi.”
Vivienne: “There’s a blue guy with a nose like a sweet potato standing in the room and you have a problem with what label we call it?”

Eva ignores Vivienne.

Hel notices the book that Vivienne has.

Hel: “What are you doing?”

Vivienne goes back to searching for a spell

Benedict starts to drag some of the students out of the room.

Vivienne: “Seeing if there’s a way to banish it?”

Julie gets a piece of paper stuck to her forehead, a ward quickly drawn by Noburu.

Noburu begins uttering in Japanese and making hand gestures.

Julie quickly starts to spin and her body is projected against the white board.

Benedict looks at Noburu with a surprised look.

Benedict: “Ah bleeding hell….”

Noburu, in Japanese: “Once again, Demon Begone!”

Benedict takes a piece of chalk from the black board and draws a sign on it. He then turns and draws quickly a big pentacle for protection around the students.

Hel: “Noburu, what do we do here!?”
Benedict: “Don’t step outside that circle, and everything should be fine.”

Eva starts to head back towards the science labs where things should theoretically be closer to sane.

Benedict grabs Eva before she moves outside the circle.

Benedict: “Stay here, inside the circle, please.”

Hel looks around at everyone in the circle, while not turning her back on Julie or dropping her defensive stance.

Noburu: “One moment.”

Noburu walks up to Julie examining her.

Julie is recovering, but the Vivienne can see the demon is stuck, frozen by the ward made by Noburu.

Eva looks at the circle, then at Benedict as if he were stark raving mad, then to the door and back to Benedict again as if calculating her odds of making it to the door and away from the crazy people.

Vivienne: “Is banishing a spirit the same as banishing a demon?”

Vivienne asks the world in general as she flicks through

Benedict draws on the energies in the room and gives them to Noburu in the hope the kid knows what he is doing.

Noburu checks the back of Julie’s neck for the old Kanji.

Hel drops her arms and walks over to Noburu and Julie.

The old kanji is there. The Storm Daughter kanji, but it is part of a sentence

Noburu: “Storm Daughter. Hmmm”
Julie: “Guys…”
Noburu: “I believe the Kanji Might be an anchor for the Storm Spirit.”
Julie: “Eerr…Guys..?”

Noburu says pointing to the old Kanji on Julie’s neck.

Eva shakes her head.

Vivienne: “What Julie?”
Eva: “I hate this school so very, very much…”
Julie: “Oh, did I faint again?”
Noburu: “Julie, did this start happening after you got that tattoo?”
Hel: “So just remove it, yeah?”
Vivienne: “No, you’re just being possessed by a blue guy in severe need of a makeover. He’s frozen at the moment.”
Hel: “What the hell are you on Vivienne?? What blue guy?”
Vivienne: “What?”
Benedict: “Can you see it, Vivienne?”
Vivienne: “That blue guy.”

Vivienne points.

Benedict: “Where is it?”
Vivienne: “You can’t see it?”
Benedict: “Okay stand back, please.”

Hel looks where she points

Benedict starts drawing pentagrams and other diagrams on the floor, taking a couple of ingredients from a cupboard in the room.

Hel: “Well maybe some of us do need therapy!”

Eva sits down where she is and starts crying to herself.

Julie: “Somewhat. Before the tattoo I did when I was skiing in Japan I had strange dreams with a lot of girls, but I wasn’t there.”
Vivienne: “Hey I may have issues, but blue guys in kimonos with creepy drums is not one of them.”
Julie: “He was in my dreams… Stalking.”

Hel turns back to Julie, and listens.

Julie looks at Eva.

Vivienne: “Probably part of the possession.”
Julie: “Hmm, is she okay?”

Julie points to Eva.

Hel shrugs.

Vivienne glances at Eva and rolls her eyes.

Vivienne: “She’ll be fine. Mr. Russell do you have any idea what you’re doing?”

Hel grabs her bag, and pulls out Catherine’s (her first watchers) diary/note book. She flips through to find info on possession.

Benedict raises his head.
Benedict:* “Yeah, thanks for asking, lass. Would you give me a hand in drawing that here?”

Benedict asks handing her some chalk.

Vivienne takes the chalk

Noburu Looks at Benedict and adds his two cents.

Vivienne: “Draw what exactly?”

Noburu grabs the chalk and begins drawing.

Noburu: “Julie why are you pointing at her?”

Diary Entry: December 23rd, Cold day. I hate the days before any sacred day. All the immaterial spirits and demons try to feed with the easier targets. I had to perform an exorcism. It was a Cacodementia demon, a demon related to insanity. I cast the old ward of four seasons and I performed the Sancta Angelica prayers. (Prayer written for convenience). I managed it, but I almost lost the slayer candidate I was training. Before it went away it said I would rot before I die.

Vivienne starts drawing what he tells her to.

Hel: “Okay anyone know anything about wards of four seasons?”

Hel she keeps her thumb in the page, and tries to find pictures in the book.

Benedict drops on the floor, in the middle of all the drawings he made on the ground with the help of the students.

Benedict, Noburu and Vivienne prepare the exorcism and for a while the demon appears. The tall and grotesque demon vanishes away leaving a strong scent of ozone and short-circuited fuses.

Vivienne stares at the empty space for a few seconds.

Benedict starts burning some incense and talking slowly in another language. His eyes go black. Completely black. It looks strange and inhuman.

Noburu: “Its the ward I drew”
Vivienne: “So does exorcism work for all spirits?”

Hel widens her eyes at Benedict.

Noburu: “Well, I have a feeling he is exorcised for the time being.”

Benedict concentrates the powers from the two students helping him, and canalizes it. He then aims it at the demon, who goes back to his dimension. Benedict breathes slowly.

Noburu: “But I fear he may have some sort of tie with Julie. And Julie why are you taking such an interest in her.”

Noburu Points at Eva.

Benedict: “Wy ez rafy”

Benedict speaks in a weird language and his eyes go back to normal.

Benedict: “Are you alright guys?”

Benedict looks at the students.

Julie waits for the whole rite end and she goes and sits close to Eva.

Hel closes the book, and slowly looks around the room at everyone, slightly confused.

Eva is too shell-shocked to even notice the scent of ozone and carbonized steel.

Vivienne stands up trying to wipe the chalk off of her hands without getting it on her clothes.

Benedict walks to Eva and put his hand on her shoulder.

Noburu: “Good casting lad. Errr…Benedict.”
Benedict: “Are you alright, love?”
Eva: “No.”
Benedict: “Figured so.”
Vivienne: “Is she ever?”

Hel walks over to Vivienne and in a lower voice asks:
Hel: “Are you a slayer, too?”
Eva: “No I am most definitely not “alright”.”
Benedict: “Good casting? You wouldn’t imagine the energy banishing such a demon requires. But that was a great ward you drew there.”

Vivienne looks at Hel in confusion.

Julie: “I’m not either, at least you weren’t the one possessed.”
Benedict: “Can I see that book?”
Vivienne: “Slayer? Is that a metal thing?”

Julie tries to make a joke.

Benedict is asking about the Watcher’s book.

Hel replies, again:
Hel: “Never mind”

Hel turns back around.

Eva: “I don’t understand what is going on here and I really don’t understand how this is supposed to be what is best for me. Can I please just go to either my lab or home now please? At least things make sense to me there.”

Hel puts the book back in her bag, ignoring Benedict’s question entirely.

Noburu: “Ummm? I don’t think this was part of the class.”
Eva: “Honestly, if this is what interpersonal interaction is all about then I really do believe that I am far better off without it.”

Vivienne goes back to her spell book and carefully puts it back in her bag.

Benedict: "This wasn’t supposed to happen. You shouldn’t have seen that.”
Noburu: “Did you know about this?”

Noburu balls up his fist and eyes up Benedict.

Vivienne: “And why could nobody else see the blue guy?”

Hel sits on her desk and just watches every one.

Benedict looks at Noburu before turning to Vivienne.

Eva wipes her eyes with the base of her palm to try and clear some of the tears away but otherwise doesn’t move.

Benedict: “That’s because it wasn’t here. I don’t know what you are, but you could see the pure energy of it.”
Vivienne: “Yes it was.”
Benedict: “I don’t even know how that is possible. But that’s a good thing you did.”
Vivienne: “What do you mean “what” I am?”

Benedict comes closer and looks her in the eyes.

Vivienne: “What about you Mr. Mysterious shiny light guy?”
Benedict: “Well, people are not supposed to see that.”
Noburu: “It’s the sight.”
Benedict: “Me? I’m not completely normal either.”
Noburu: “She has the sight.”
Hel: “The sight?”
Vivienne: “Yes well I do a lot of things “I’m not supposed to”.”

Benedict turns to Noburu, and thinks hard.

Julie talks in a lower voice tone to Eva:
Julie: “These things aren’t making any sense, right?”
Benedict: “The sight? I think I remember reading about it at some point. I should have a text about it somewhere maybe…”
Noburu: “It allows her to see things of a mystical nature.”
Vivienne: “Really? Can I read it?”
Noburu: “Things that are not visible to the naked eye.”
Eva: “No. Not even a little. And I am usually quite good with that. Is this how you people feel all the time?”
Benedict: “If I find it, sure bird.”
Eva: “There’s a bird now?”

Noburu Heads to the back of the room and grabs his bag.

Benedict chuckles at Eva’s words.

Julie: “Close to you, yes… That is how I feel, but I’m feeling lost too.”
Hel: “Wait. Forget for a moment that you all apparently know what is going on. Is this ‘storm spirit’ gone now? Or can it come back?”
Vivienne: “Good point. Sir?”
Benedict: "It should be gone. I sent it away. Where exactly I don’t know. Hopefully to a far, far away place."
Noburu: “It can come back.”
Hel: “So little miss possessed over here is fine now?”
Noburu: “I need to consult some things. Someone should stay with her.”
Vivienne: “I found a demon binding spell before. Would that work?”
Benedict: “A spell? Where did you find that, girl?”
Hel: “Shouldn’t we just, like, get rid of the tat?”
Noburu: “Like I said, I believe the demon is anchored some how to this world.”
Vivienne: “In a book”
Benedict: “And yes, Hel she should be fine. But there probably was a reason she was possessed in the first place”
Noburu: “It might not be the tattoo.”
Julie: “What?”
Hel: “Oh man I am so confused right now. This so is not worth the extra credit.”
Noburu: “I need to look into the storm daughter.”
Hel: “Storm daughter?”
Noburu: “That’s what the Kanji says.”
Julie: “Am I a demon bait? I mean, isn’t being a cute Asian teenager a strong enough creepy magnet?”
Vivienne: “So we have a storm spirit possessing a storm daughter.”
Noburu: “Julie where did you get the idea for the tattoo from?”
Vivienne: “Be thankful it doesn’t have tentacles.”
Julie: “I got it in Tokyo. It was a birthday gift from my older brother.”
Noburu: “So grossly inappropriate Vivienne.”

Vivienne shrugs.

Noburu: “What does your older brother do? And where did he get it from?”
Vivienne: “Does he hate you?”
Julie: “No, he is great…”

Hel turns her back to everyone and pulls the book back out, trying to read more about possession. Particularly anything about ‘anchors’.

Julie: “Sometimes too perfect…”
Noburu: “Treats you extra nice and all?”

Cut to commercial break.


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