Vivienne Kensington



  • “Life is magical. Apparently.”
  • “Who watches the Watcher.”
  1. Phase One:

Vivienne was searching on-line for some cool accessories to go with her new Goth look (her parents were looking disapproving and she hadn’t had to attend a single of her mother’s charity events since but it was time to up the ante), had just bought an antique looking pentagram necklace when a few random links later she came across an old looking “book of ancient magic”. It looked awesome. Figuring it was probably a relic from a fantasy movie or something, Vivienne put a bid on it, much more than the others, smiling to herself as she pictured her father’s outraged face when he saw it.

She’d almost forgotten about it by the time it arrived, but she stroked the rough cover with glee as she examined it. It sat prominently on her shelf (yet still unseen by either parent) for a few weeks until one night, fed up with trying to make economics make sense, she started reading through it. Chuckling to herself she read aloud an incantation, getting a feel for the Latin and was completely and utterly surprised was a small ball of light appeared in front of her. After a few mad minutes of determining that there was no possible way for someone to be fucking with her, she said the incantation again. When the small friendly ball reappeared she started laughing. “No fucking way.” Suffice to say, she didn’t get much sleep that night.

  1. Phase Two:

Assembly was boring as usual and Vivienne was paying more attention to her perfectly painted nails than to the principal waffling on. The distinctly British accent of the new art teacher being introduced caused her to look up in mild curiosity and her gaze was caught, her interest riveted. There was… something about him. And it wasn’t that he was vaguely attractive in an older guy sort of way. It was…it was…God this was going to drive her insane. She kept staring, trying to figure it out until Catherine bumped her to get her attention, glancing at Mr Russell then back at her with raised eyebrows. Vivienne let a wicked grin cross her face as she shrugged. “What. He’s kinda cute.” Catherine rolled her eyes and shook her head, turning back to the stage. Vivienne pretended to pay attention to the rest of the assembly as she went back to watching Mr Russell less blatantly this time. This was going to bug her until she figured out what it meant. She’d just have to keep a close eye on him. Something he did would give her a clue eventually.

Other stuff:

  • Her father is the Senator Kensington. And she lives with her Stepmother.
  • She lives in the Bordeaux Manor, build during the roaring 1920’s for the rich banker Richard Bordeaux.
  • Her grandfather is being taken care of at Monterey.
  • She has a family maid named Consuela

Vivienne Kensington

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