Noburu Takahashi



  • “I’m addicted to your love”
  • To define…
  1. Phase One:

Someone stole a piece of Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, Noburu’s sword, and thus made it inert. He tracked those people to Frisco, but the trail goes cold here. Whilst in Frisco, he can swear he saw the face of his long lost love, Natsumi, and that of his old nemesis. He decides to hide in the school system, to aid him in blending in.

  1. Phase Two:

While investigating some very suspicious activities which he thought were leads to his nemesis, Noburu came across Hel while she was hunting a demon. Noburu assisted with a distraction allowing the slayer to take the kill shot, leaving Noburu with broken leg. Astonishing Hel more so when Noburu spat on the demon’s dead carcass and said, “Fricking Demons.” Norburu is currently torn with his emotions now, as he is now infatuated with the Slayer, but feels he’s betraying his long lost love.

Other stuff:

  • He trains with his Sensei in the art of Kendo at the Perfect Harmony Dojo.

Noburu Takahashi

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