Helena "Hel" Cross



  • “Just another perk of the Job”
  • “Parents suck.”
  1. Phase One:

Hel has known she was a slayer for just a year, after a dying woman, Catherine Faust turned up on her door step. For six months she was trained, until Catherine fell to the cancer that consumed her. After Catherine’s passing, Hel enlisted her best friend Jimmy and the two became a vampire ass kicking team. Then four months ago, Jimmy ‘got vamped’ and she had to make with the slayage.

In the beginning being one of the chosen made her proud. She felt bad ass, Confident. Heck, didn’t It meant she was better than most?
But now after the death of those closest, Hel is only now starting to realise the grim reality of being a slayer. Death is what she deals in.

  1. Phase Two:

Helena and Vivienne never really knew each other, other than seeing the other at school. They ran in different circles. But when Viviennes parents invite Hel’s parents over for dinner, to discuss business. The two teens are forced to accompany them. After hours of boring conversation, Vivienne leaves the table, and thus prompted Hel excuses herself. After snooping around the house, Hel finds Vivienne outside smoking. She offers Hel one, and Hel accepts. They don’t say much. But Hel utters , ‘parents suck’. And the two find a common ground.

Other stuff:

  • Her parents are Charles and Olivia Cross, consultants in “Cross Purposing Inc.”
  • She does Yoga every morning, and trains herself in Boxing/MMA using Youtube videos and her home gym as well.
  • Her parents own a comfortable house in Alamo Square.
  • She’s a drummer in a hardcore teenager band.

Helena "Hel" Cross

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