Eva Evans



  • “She who fights to run away, lives to find a weakness, return and annihilate another day”
  • “It’s not who you know, it’s what you know.”
  • “The Science is strong with this one.”
  1. Phase One:

Eva “accidentally” created a psychotic “killer” robot at school which started trying to kill her for not reciprocating it’s feelings towards her. She escaped by blowing up a good part of the lab she was in, slowing it down enough for her to get to another lab so she could figure out how to stop it and have all that she would need to do so at her finger-tips.

  1. Phase Two:

Eva hated being outside. She hated that everyone else always knew what was best for her. In particular she hated that her mother ‘knew’ that she ‘needed’ to spend more time outside and less time cooped up in her room with her science journals and stacks of research notes. She hated the way that the sun beat down on her, the glare of reflected light from the office building windows blinding her randomly and she especially hated the non-recirculated air. It just wasn’t natural!
But apparently she needed to spend more time outside and also happened to need new books for school and so here she was, her mother, as always, far too busy to be able to go with her.
While she was internally fuming, she was taken completely by surprise by a cute young Asian boy asking her for directions to 5th and Main.
So completely thrown was she that she didn’t even stutter as the map appeared in her head in a Holmesian manner and she started to relay the fastest walking route to the boy.
Once she had finished the boy politely thanked her before racing off in the direction she had indicated.
‘Well now I’m glad I gave him the fastest walking route instead of the scenic. He really seems to be in quite a hurry. I wonder what could be so important.’ She thought before returning to her earlier loathing.

  1. Phase Three:

For reasons that largely went unsaid, Eva found herself partnered with Helena “Hel” Cross (or she of the lightning reflexes) for the duration of the semester for their combined lab assignments and in class experiments. After the first few minutes of Eva’s nigh incomprehensible techno-babble Hel was fairly certain that they were probably going to get an A. And all she had to do was sit back, smile and watch out for the occasional explosion.
It also became apparent rather quickly that Eva didn’t really seem to have any interests outside of science. She didn’t know anything about comics, TV shows, music or almost any popular culture at all. Except for old B-grade horror films. And there her knowledge started to become interesting. While she had been in the middle of discussing Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, Hel thought to ask her how she would go about taking out Dracula herself. Eva thought about it for a moment and then answered quite simply “Sunlight.”
“But what about during the night?” Hel pressed.
“Sunlight.” Eva responded yet again matter-of-factly. “Or more specifically a photon grenade. Compressed sunlight in an easily deployable canister.”
“And how would you make one of those?” Hel asked, sounding sceptical.

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Eva Evans

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