Benedict Russell



  • “Owe Aaron Wright his position.”
  • “Helping strays.”
  • “We’re stronger together.”
  1. Phase One:

Benedict Russell had to leave England in a hurry because he was threatened there. When he arrived in the USA, he didn’t know what to do with his life. He quickly started to smoke like a chimney, drink a bit too much, and generally couldn’t be bothered to do anything. One of his old friends, Aaron Wright, a professor in Art History in the College of Arts and Science in San Francisco, offered him a position as an Art teacher in one of the town’s High-school. He helped Benedict back on his feet and the Watcher put his act together.

  1. Phase Two:

After her experience with a robot at school and blowing up a school lab, Eva faced the School council to be disciplined. Seeing her in a tight spot and not wanting her to be expelled, Benedict took the responsibility of watching over her. He had her join the Art club to express her “anger” (or whatever the school psy came up with) and so that she doesn’t face criminal charges any more.

  1. Phase Three:

While walking to his class like every Tuesday morning, Benedict saw a student sitting alone under a tall tree. He looked foreign, Asiatic, probably Japanese, and it wasn’t the first time the teacher saw him alone. Next time he would see Ms. Parker, he would probably ask this boy to be sent to his special class. It could help him make friends here. Being alone wasn’t good for the psyche, especially if you came from a foreign place.

“We’re always stronger together.”

Other stuff:

  • Benedict’s flat is located in the Tenderloin, a rather bad neighbourhood.
  • He runs a special class using Art as a therapy for emotionally disturbed teenagers.

Benedict Russell

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