Consuela Reyes

The mexican maid of the Bordeaux Manor.


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Consuela is maybe is the single person who keeps the Bordeaux manor a civilised place. How she is able to achieve that is easy to understand. Consuela is wiser than she looks and works hard to keep the Kensington family together for over a decade. She covered the Senator’s affair during his 2008 senatorial run, which could have resulted in a dirty and toxic divorce. She helped Mrs Kensington raising her single daughter Viviene, who has to live with the fact the Senator’s ex-wife, Julie Kensington née Miller, gave him 2 other children, Summer and Hunter. Both are living at the Bordeaux manor, so Consuela tries her best to accommodate Vivienne’s rebel phase, hoping she will get over it when she enrols at a University.

Consuela is a devout Roman catholic who frequents the Sacred Heart church. The church is a place where she finds solace and can express her devotion to Saint Mary of Victories. She does so regularly since she was saved by a Watcher the morning after she crossed the border.

Consuela Reyes

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